Bridging Loan Mortgage

Bridging Loan Mortgage

If you are looking for a bridging loan because your mortgage can not be moved between properties, we are here to help you get your new home with a short term loan.

House Deposit Bridge Loan

House Deposit Bridge Loan

If you need a short term for a house deposit, we are here to offer you our expert advise so you can get the home you want as soon as you can.

Short Term Residential Loans

Short Term Residential Loans

When you need a short term loan, we are here to offer you exactly what you need, with interest rates that will suit you.

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Bridging Loan Mortgage 

Our bridging loan mortgage is the ideal short term loan for individuals looking to gain access to capital for a limited time.

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When purchasing a home, you will usually require a mortgage to pay for the home, however if your current property has not sold yet, you may not be able to afford your new home.

In these situations, you are able to take out a bridge loan that allows you to fill the gap from selling one home. 

If you would be interested in finding out more information regarding bridge loans feel free to talk to us today. Our specialists have years of experience and expert knowledge in order to provide you with their expert advice and calculations.

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Bridging Finance Mortgages Near Me

If you are looking to improve or expand your existing home or to invest in residential property either as a landlord or a developer, we will find the perfect range of short term loans to enable you to put your plan into action and allow you to benefit from our wide network of lenders competing to give you the best possible deal.

You have fallen in love with your ideal home, and your offer has been accepted. There is just one snag - you can't get shot of your old house quickly enough and the deal is at risk of falling through. A bridging loan may be the only way to keep the deal on track.

Bridging Loan House Deposit 

Generally speaking, bridging loans are aimed at landlords and amateur property developers including those purchasing at auction where a mortgage is needed quickly.

They may also be offered to wealthy or asset-rich borrowers who want straightforward lending on residential properties ( If you would be interested in finding out more information regarding briding loans for homes, feel free to get in touch today.

Our specialists will give you all the details you require in order to find a short term loan that meets your requirements. Just fill out the enquiry form proided and we will be in touch shortly. 

Can I Get a Bridging Loan? 

Bridging loans are for people with a property to sell but who want to borrow to buy another property before they have access to the sale proceeds from the place they are selling. 

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Bridging loans are primarily for homeowners and small-scale property developers, including people renovating homes and aiming to complete transactions quickly, and people buying homes at auctions where you need to pay the deposit immediately.

Although bridging loans can be quite expensive and carries a bigger risk, it is therefore more likely to be used by people with low credit scores and those who are struggling to get the money together.

However, bridging financing is also occasionally used by people with good credit scores as well as those rich in assets, often simply as a means to get a loan for a mortgage deposit as quickly as possible.

Short Term Loans

What are the advantages?

  1. They are short term - as the name implies
  2. They are used to bridge the gap between incoming funds and outgoing funds
  3. They are available for mortgage brokers and advisers

As the name suggests, bridging loans were traditionally used by businesses simply to borrow funds on a short term until a related transaction complered to release funds to repay. e.g. If a business needed to borrow money to buy an additional property, whilst their existing property was on the market, they could "bridge" the deal over a short term, which would then be repaid when the existing property was sold.

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Simply put, it is a loan that can be repaid in several instalments. Afterall, for many people, it is easier to pay back their loan in several monthly instalments, rather than one single repayment.

However, it is important to remember that in general, the longer you borrow money for, the more interest you will be paying on it. If you can pay off some of your loan early, then it may save you money.

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